"Women in Wigs" Project

Stories in English

Story from women with alopecia
Stories from Debbi wigshop customers
"Unknown Lover" by Ewvenn
Story by studio_aka
"Betty & Veronica" by studio_aka
"The lady from the store" by perperuk.
"The Wedding" by visitor
"Haircut by a Ghost" by Feng Jicai
"My story" by Bobby
"Mrs. Vicky Anderson" by visitor
"Curled Black Wig" by Ammar
"Hot Date" by Ammar

Stories in Russian

"Красота требует жертв"
Павел Быков - "Главное"
Алла Пугачева сняла парик
Бернард Маламуд - "Парик"
Парик из настоящих волос (New)

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Парики, Шиньоны

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