"Women in Wigs" Project

Wig Transformation, Nylon Wig Caps


Cleopatra's Wigs

Diane Venora

Diane Venora taking off a wig

Kiri Te Kanawa

Kiri Tekanawa putting on a wig

Madeline Kahn

Wig Transformations of Madeline Kahn

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer in wigcap putting on a wig for Cinderella Liberty movie


Bald Tena trying on a wig

Turkan Soray

Turkan Soray wears Curly wig and false eyelashes in Prince and the Pauper movie

Wig Caps, Wignets and bands under wig

Wig Caps, Wignets and bands Under wig


Wigs female transformation photos

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