"Women in Wigs" Project

Embarrassing moments Video

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Woman looking at her self in the mirror and feeling sexy.  Then she eats a crunchy candy and there is a loud popping noise.  She looks at herself and sees that one of her silicone breasts has deflated. An episode of Bewitched in which Samantha uses her magical powers to embarass a woman who is flirting with her husband. A bunch of embarassing things happen to Sheila (actress Elizabeth Montgomery) - the last one is that her wig is blown off her head. Susan Hayward is going to the stage to accept an award. Patty Duke get into a fight with Susan Hayward. Patty grabs the hair of Susan and it comes off. You wear a wig! Its a damn wig! so, Patty throws her wig away Great Embrassment! Susan is a grey haired woman who ties a scarf and goes on stage for her award.

Парики, Шиньоны

Wigs, Hairpieces