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Wig hair types: natural human hair, synthetic, mixed type human with natural.
Wig base types: monofilament (monotop), vacuum, standart wig base and other.

Wig hair types

When selecting a wig, you want it to look natural, fit properly and be comfortable. To this end wig makers have devised innovative and diverse manufacturing techniques to make wigs. Synthetic wigs now look as natural or almost as natural as human hair wigs and they actually have a wider variety of styles and colors.

Synthetic hair

Natural human hair

Wig bases (caps) types.

The hair of the wig can be attached to the wig base cap using several different techniques, each cap type has its own advantages.wigs are available with several different types of wig bases:
monofilament (monotop), vacuum, standart wig base.
On this page you will find the descriptions of the different types of wig bases.

Wigs come in three sizes and almost all wigs now have some sort of adjustable tabs to assure the wearer a good fit. The area that most affects the wearer and that has the most diversity is wig comfort. A wig's comfort is primarily determined by what the base or cap is made of and how the hair is attached to this base. For example, a hand made or hand tied wig has the fibers hand sewn into the cap, allowing easy styling and parting and making the wig very lightweight. A machine made wig has the fibers sewn into wefts in the cap sometimes causing the wig to be stiff and uncomfortable.

Monofilament (MonoTop) Wig Base

A monofilament (monotop) cap is designed to make the wig look as if it is growing from your own head. A special Monofilament construction located on top and front of these wigs makes parting a Monofilament wig easy, revealing a natural looking scalp below with the ability to assume the wearer’s natural scalp color.

It features a thin, breathable mesh material at the crown where individual grafts of hair are tied by handplaced from the hairline of the head toward the crown section. This design is especially good for women with hair loss at the crown of their head. It offers the most styling versatility because it can be parted & brushed in any direction.

These wigs also include areas for the application of wig tape. The capless construction provides excellent ventilation and comfort, as well as natural looking beauty. The top portion of the cap is specially woven to allow for comfort and excellent ventilation. This helps to prevent irritation and itchiness. Monofilament is considered to be one of the most desirable of wig types. Most women, especially those who wear wigs every day, feel that its superior wearability and natural look more than justify the additional cost. 

Standard Wig Base

Standard Cap (Standard Weft) is the basic cap style for wigs. It involves hair stitched into a string mesh, some wigs with standart cap has lace layer at the crown (lacepart). A Standard Cap is generally the simplest cap type and therefore the least expensive.

Vacuum Wigs

Vacuum wigs designed for women who have experienced a total loss by creating an airtight seal resulting in a vacuum fit without the aid of tape or glue. To produce the vacuum wig a plaster mold is made of the head. The hairline, crown and part are drawn directly on the scalp in transferable ink, which then transfers to the inside of the custom plaster mold replicating a natural scalp. A non-irritating, comfortable silicone base, tinted to match individual skin color, is then made from the custom mold. European hair, appropriately selected for color and texture, is then implanted into the silicone base one hair at a time.

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