A list of movies with wigs disguise/reveals scenes.

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2000 and later
"Enough" (USA 2002) Jennifer Lopez is putting on her wig. on IMDb X
  "The Guru" (UK / France / USA 2002) with Heather Graham. on IMDb  
"Full Frontal" (USA 2002) with Julia Roberts on IMDb  
"John Q" (USA 2002) with Laura Elena Harring. on IMDb X
The Night Club of Your Dreams: The Making of Moulin Rouge (USA 2001) documentary on IMDb X
"Heartbrakers" (USA 2001) on IMDb X
"Mulholland Dr." (USA / France 2001) on IMDb on Exler.ru X
"Bandits" (USA 2001) with Bruce Willis on IMDb X
  "Sa mиre, la pute"
"Meine verlorene Tochter"
(France, 2001) om IMDb  
  "Blow Dry" (USA/UK/Germany 2001) on IMDb  
  "Strange Souls" (???) (USA 2001) comedy    
"Spy Kids"   (USA 2001) on IMDb X
"Heist" (USA / Canada 2001) on IMDb X
"These Old Broads" (USA 2001) Debbie Reynolds gets her wig snatched off by Joan Collins. on IMDb X
  "Lola" (Canada 2001) wig reveals of Sabrina Grdevich and Joanna Going on IMDb  
  "Sweet Revenge" (aka "Die! Die! Die!") (USA 2001) with Brigette Bako on IMDb  
  "Wenn Manner Frauen trauen" (Germany 2000) with Jule Ronstedt on IMDb  
  "Donna Leon - Vendetta" (aka "Vendetta") (Germany 2000) with Maja Maranow on IMDb  
"Trasgredire" (Italy 2000) Tinto Brass movie on IMDb X
"Beautiful Joe" (USA 2000) with Sharon Stone on IMDb X
"Love.com" (Primal Instinct) (USA 2000) on IMDb X
Get Carter (USA 2000) on IMDb X
  "Tatort - Die Frau im Zug"
"Scene of the Crime: The Woman on the Train"
(Germany, 2000) Ina Rudolph on IMDb  
  "Epicenter" (2000) Tracy Lords transforms to readhead. on IMDb  
  "Company Man" (USA/UK/France 2000) on IMDb  
"Circus" (2000) on IMDb X
"Lord Edgware Dies" (UK 2000) on IMDb X
"BitterSweet" (USA 1999) on IMDb X
  "Angel's dance" (USA / Germany  1999) with Sheryl Lee on IMDb  
"Surrender" (USA 1999) Catalina Laranaga wearing an auburn wig. on IMDb X
   Freeway II Confessions of a Trickbaby (1999) on IMDb  
  "Never Been Kissed" (1999) on IMDb  
  "Personals" (1999) on IMDb  
"Show Girls" (USA 1999) on IMDb X
"Eye of the Beholder" (USA 1999) with Ashley Judd on IMDb X
  "Supreme Sanction" (USA 1999) с Kristy Swanson on IMDb  
  "Summer of Sam" (USA 1999) on IMDb  
  "Rapunzel oder Der Zauber der Tranen" (East Germany, 1998) on IMDb
  "Die Diebin" (Germany 1998) with Sandra Speichert on IMDb  
  "Ein Fleisch und Blut" (Germany 1998) with Catherine Flemming on IMDb
on themakeupgallery.info
   "P.U.N.K.S" (aka "Rebels") (USA, 1998) with Kim Morgan Greene on IMDb  
"Adventures of Ragtime" (USA 1998) Shelley Long in wigcap is changing wigs on IMDb X
"Palmetto" (USA / Germany 1998) on IMDb X
"Cory szczescia"
"Sisters of Destiny"
"Tochter des Gluecks"
(1998 Poland / Hungary) with Olga Drozdova on IMDb X
"Why do fools fall in love" (1998) with Halle Berry on IMDb X
"Snake Eyes" (USA 1998) with Nicolas Cage on IMDb X
"Delivery" (USA 1997) on IMDb X
  "Deathline"  (aka "Redline")  (Canada / Netherlands  1997) with Mark Dacascos, Ildiko Szucs, Yvonne Scio on IMDb
  "Spice World" (UK 1997) wig reveal of Gery Halliwell on IMDb  
"Paws" детский фильм (Australia / UK 1997) on IMDb X
"Mr. Magoo" (USA 1997) with Kelly Lynch on IMDb X
"Batman and Robin" (USA 1997) on IMDb X
"Inferno (USA 1997) Tane McClure removing her indian princess disguise. on IMDb X
  "Black Mask" (Hong Kong 1996) with Jet Li on IMDb  
  "Dead of Night" (USA 1996) Erotic Horror on IMDb  
  "La Sindrome di Stendhal" (Italy 1996) on IMDb  
  "Callgirl" (USA 1995) with Melanie Hall on IMDb  
  "Paparazzo" (UK 1995) on IMDb  
"Girl 6" (USA 1996) on IMDb X
Get Shorty (USA 1995) with Rene Russo on IMDb on Exler.ru X
  "Strange Days" (USA 1995) on IMDb  
  "Tiempos mejores" (1994) Milly Carlucci on IMDb  
  Chung King Express (Hong Kong 1994) on IMDb  
  "Natural Born Killers" (USA 1994) on IMDb  
  "Roadracers" (USA 1994) on IMDb  
  "Double Dragon" (USA 1994) with Alyssa Milano on IMDb  
"Color of Night" (USA 1994) on IMDb X
"Four Weddings and a Funeral" (UK 1994) on IMDb X
  "A Life Less Ordinary" (UK/USA 1997) with Cameron Diaz on IMDb  
  "Coyote run" (aka "Sworn Enemies") (Canada 1996) with Macha Grenon on IMDb  
  "Mirage" (USA 1995) with Sean Young on IMDb  
  "Boulevard" (USA 1994) with Kari Wuhrer on IMDb  
  "The return of Hunter" (USA 1994) actress playing a con artist on IMDb  
"The Pelican Brief" (USA 1993) with Julia Roberts on IMDb X
"Point of No Return" (USA 1993) "Nikita" remake on IMDb X
"Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman" (USA 1993) on IMDb X
  "Craving Desire" (1993) with Vittoria Belvedere on IMDb  
  "Snapdragon" (1993) with Chelsea Field on IMDb  
  "Scam" (USA 1993) Lorraine Bracco wearing a blonde wig on IMDb  
  "Seduction: Three Tales from the 'Inner Sanctum" (USA 1992) with Victoria Principal on IMDb  
  "Kung-Fu" (USA 1992) on IMDb
  "Play Nice" (USA 1992) with Louise Robey. Wig reveal. on IMDb  
"Trouble Bound" (USA 1992) с Patricia Arquette on IMDb X
"Patriot Games" (USA 1992) on IMDb X
  "Miracle" (UK/Ireland 1991) Beverly D'Angelo playing a platinum wigged showgirl on IMDb  
  "Eye of the storm" (1991) with Lara Flynn Boyle on IMDb  
  "Wild Orchid 2: Two Shades of Blue" (USA 1991) on IMDb  
"Beltenebros" (Spain / Netherlands 1991) with Patsy Kensit on IMDb X
"La Femme Nikita" (France/Italy 1990) on IMDb X
"Cadillac Man" (USA 1990) Lori Petty wig reveal] on IMDb
  "The Death of the Incredible Hulk" (1990) on IMDb  
  "The Witches" (UK 1990) on IMDb  
  "Quick Change" (1990) с Geena Davis  on IMDb  
  "Domino" (UK 1989) with Brigitte Nielsen on IMDb  
"Beverly Hills Cop II" (USA 1987) Brigitte Nielsen wearing a dark bob wig on IMDb X
"The Bedroom Window" (USA 1987) с Isabelle Huppert on IMDb X
   "Assassination" (USA, 1987) Many wig scenes with Jill Ireland on IMDb  
  "Positive I.D." (1987) on IMDb  
  "Murphy's Law" (USA 1986) on IMDb  
"F/X Murder By Illusion" (USA 1986) with Bryan Brown and Diane Venora on IMDb X
  "Blue Velvet" (USA 1986) on IMDb  
  "Mona Lisa" (UK 1986)  on IMDb  
  "The Holcroft Covenant" (UK 1985) on IMDb  
  "Lassiter" (USA 1984) on IMDb  
"Vabank - II czyli riposta" (Poland 1984) on IMDb X
  "Trading places" (USA 1983) on IMDb  
  "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" (1983) with Martha King on IMDb  
  "Nudo di donna" (1981) with Eleonora Giorgi on IMDb  
  "Do You Remember Dolly Bell?"
 Sjecas li se, Dolly Bell 
(Yugoslavia 1981) on IMDb  
"Hammer House of Horror" (UK 1980) Suzanne Danielle transforming into a blonde. on IMDb X
  "Cracked Mirror" (1980) with Kim Novak    
  "Dream Merchants" (1980) with Morgan Fairchild on IMDb  
  "The Border" (UK 1979) on IMDb  
  "Big sleep" (UK 1978) Candy Clarke on IMDb  
  "Giallo napoletano" (Italy 1978) with Ornella Mutti on IMDb  
  "Corvette Summer" (USA 1978) Annie Potts is taking off a curly wig. on IMDb  
  "Pocket Lover" (1978) with Mimsy Farmer. on IMDb  
  "Grease" (USA 1978) with Stockard Channing on IMDb  
  "High anxiety" (USA 1978) with Madeleine Kahn. on IMDb  
  "Wonder woman" (USA 1976-1979) Lynda Carter wearing a red wig. on IMDb  
  "Family Plot" (USA 1976) Hitchcock's last movie, wig reveal on IMDb  
   "La Course a l'echalote" "The Wild Goose Chase" (France 1975) with Jane Birkin  on IMDb    
  "Les Grands moyens"
"Short and Sweet"
(France 1975) on IMDb  
  "Katherine" (USA 1975) with Sissy Spacek on IMDb  
  "Mean streets" (1973) on IMDb  
"James Bond: Live and Let Die" (UK 1973) on IMDb X
"Wicked,wicked" (USA 1973) with Tiffany Bolling. on IMDb X
"Theatre of Blood" (UK 1973) Diana Rigg removing her male disguise. on IMDb X
"Pane e cioccolata" (Italy 1973) Nelide Gianmarco unwigging scene. on IMDb X
  "Kill, Kill, Kill" (France / Italy / Spain / West Germany 1972) with Jean Seberg. on IMDb  
  "The Outside Man"
"Funerale a Los Angeles"
"Un homme est mort"
(USA / France / Italy 1972) with Ann-Margret. on IMDb some pics  
  "Die bitteren trдnen der Petra von Kant" (1972) with Margit Carstensen. on IMDb  
  "What's up doc?" (USA 1972) Madeline Kahn wearing a redhead wig on IMDb  
  "Ma che musica maestro"  (1971) Agostina Belli wearing 2 different wigs on IMDb  
  "Farfalla con le ali insanguinate"  (Italy 1971) with Evelyn Stewart on IMDb  
  "Mary, Queen of Scots" (1971) with Vanessa Redgrave. on IMDb  
  "Up in the Cellar " (aka "Three in the Cellar") (USA 1970) with Joan Collins on IMDb  
  "Fraeulein Doktor" (1969) with Suzy Kendall on IMDb  
"Venus in furs"
"Le Malizie di Venere"
(1969) with Laura Antonelli on IMDb X
  "Una sull'altra" (France / Italy / Spain 1969) with Marisa Mell as Susan and Monica on IMDb  
  "Zingara" (Italy 1969) with Loretta Goggi wearing a few wigs on IMDb  
  "Mister Jerico" (1970) with Connie Stevens on IMDb  
  "The Wrecking Crew" (USA 1969) with Sharon Tate on IMDb  
  "Stagione dei sensi" (Italy 1969) with Edda di Benedetto on IMDb  
  "Otley" (UK 1968) Romy Schneider wig reveal and false eyelashes removal on IMDb  
  "Erotissimo" (1968) with Annie Girardot on IMDb  
  "Diabolik" (Italy / France 1968) on IMDb  
"Wonderwall" (UK 1968) Jane Birkin is taking off her long wig. on IMDb X
"In Like Flint" (USA 1967) Jean Hale is taking off her wig. on IMDb X
"Valley of the Dolls" (USA 1967) on IMDb X
  "Fai in fretta ad uccidermi... ho freddo!" (Italy/France1967) with Monica Vitti on IMDb  
  "Games" (USA 1967) Katherine Ross is taking off her wig and false eyelashes. on IMDb  
  "Le grand restaurant" (France 1966) Maria Rosa Rodriguez is putting on a blonde wig on IMDb  
  "Fame is the Name of the Game" (USA 1966) with Jill St. John on IMDb  
"Polly Magoo" (1966) with Dorothy Mc Gowan on IMDb X
"Our man Flint" (1966) with Gila Golan on IMDb X
  "Menage all'italiana" (1965) on IMDb  
  "Kommissar X-Jagd auf unbekannt" (1965) with Maria Perschy on IMDb  
  "Naked Kiss" (USA 1964) Drama с Constance Towers on IMDb on Netcity  
  "Gidget Goes to Rome" (USA 1963) put ons and reveals. on IMDb  
  "A new kind of love" (1963) with Joanne Woodward on IMDb  
  "My Geisha" (USA 1962) Shirley MacLaine disguised as Yoko Mori on IMDb  
  "Homicidal" (USA 1961) Joan Marshall (aka Jean Arless) on IMDb  
"Kiss me Kate" (USA 1953) Katherine Grayson is taking the long wig off. on IMDb X
  "All about Eve" (USA 1950) with Anne Baxter and Bette Davis on IMDb  


"V.I.P" (USA / Germany 1998-2202) Molly Culver disguised as a blonde on IMDb  
  "24" (USA 2001) series on IMDb  
  "Diagnosis murder" (USA 1993-2001) with Havilland Morris playing "Shanda" in episode: Shanda's Song (episode # 1.8) 7 January 1994. on IMDb  
"SK Kölsch" (Germany 1999) series. Sharon Brauner is changing wigs. on IMDb X
"Special Ops Force" (USA / Canada 1997 - 1998) series on IMDb X
"Cybill" (USA 1995-1998) Cybill Shepherd is putting on a wig in this tv series. on IMDb X
  "One West Waikiki" (USA 1994-1996) series. Connie Blankenship disguised as Cheryl Ladd (dr. Dawn Holliday) using a lace front wig in the episode :"Holliday on Ice" (1995). on IMDb  
  Murphy Brown. (USA 1988-1998) series on IMDb  
"High Tide" (USA 1994-1997) series on IMDb X
  "Guadalupe" (USA 1994) series with Adela Noriega. on IMDb  
"Komisar Rex" series (Austria / Germany  1994) on IMDb X
  "Le Chinois" (France 1990) series on IMDb  
"Navarro"  (1989) series on IMDb X
Bold and the Beautiful".
(USA 1987) series on IMDb  
  "If Tomorrow Comes" (USA 1986) series with Madolyn Smith on IMDb  
  "The Fall Guy" (USA 1981-1986) series. Heather Thomas disguised using a short blonde wig. on IMDb  
  "Charlie's Angels" (USA 1976-1981) series. Episod with  Cheryl Ladd on IMDb  
  "Department S" (UK 1969-1970) series. on IMDb  
  "Swat" (1975-1976) series. Leslie Anne Warren disguised as a blonde on IMDb  
  "The Streets of San Francisco" (USA 1972-1977) series on IMDb  
  "Mannix" (USA 1967-1975) series with Janet Kirby on IMDb X
"Mission Impossible" (1966-1973 USA ) series. Wig scenes with Barbara Bain and Mala Powers. on IMDb X

Music video clips.

Music video clip of "Eurythmics" - "Love is a stranger".       X
Music video clip of "Eurythmics" - "Bethoven".        
Musical video clip of "Prince" - "The most beautiful girl in the world".       X
"Pantera" musical video clip - "This Love".       X
Madonna's musical video clip - "Open your heart".       X
 "Vixen" - "Love is a Killer"        
Da Hool - "Bora".        
Gigi DAgostino - "La Passion".       X

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